Ghost, Eyes On You, Eye. Video and sound installations
Hansen house, Jerusalem, Israel

A documentation of 4 video-sound-light-fog installations at Hansen House Jerusalem.
Video works:

Video HD, 4:14 min, PAL, 16:9, color, sound
Eyes On You
Video HD, 4:37 min, PAL, 16:9, color, sound
Video HD, 5:00 min, PAL, 16:9, color, sound
Video HD, 5:00 min, PAL, 16:9, color, sound
Produced in 2013

A ghostly figure is projected on a transparent screen in the size of a human. The figure's head is replaced by a continuous pour of smoke
spiraling upwards and its eyes are piercing red dots. He hovers and moves mysteriously to sound, confronting the viewer with stillness, movement and reflection.
His laser mark eyes wander off, reflect and multiply in the adjoined installation Eyes On You.
Red scan lines cross the transparent frame of Eyes On You and define the space. The work looks back at the relationship of the viewer with the Ghost figure, who is staring at who
This confrontation or meeting point defines the essence of Ghost and Eyes On You.

Ghost and Eyes On You were first installed at the infamous Lepers Colony in Jerusalem and were in dialogue with the history of the location as part of 4
immersive installations in the building which led the viewer through the buildings labyrinth until arriving to see a live show by L.E.V in the court yard.
The buildings interiors were lit in red light and fog was emitted from its windows. Ambient low-rumble sound was dispersed in the hallways and the holographic installations occurred in joined rooms.
The Lepers Colony or Hanson House, is a historical building in Jerusalem Talbiya neighborhood. The building was first made in the late 19th century as a hospital
for patients with Hansens disease (leprosy). Until 2002 the site acted in the form of an outpatient clinic, and re-opened in 2013 as an innovative center
for design and technology led by the Bezalel Academy. The hospital building and the 40 acre lot are considered an Israel heritage site.

Exhibited at Hansen House (The Lepers Colony) Jerusalem during 28.5.13 8.6.13 at The Israel Festival Cast: Douglas Letheren

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