Galaxy Room 309 Is a recently completed permanent artist room at Art Plus Hotel in Tel Aviv.
All of the room's edges have been marked with warm white LED light strips. By highlighting the room's outlines I was seeking
to cancel its borders. In the centre of the space hangs a lamp resembling a dark moon. The white ceiling is punctured with holes
giving way to light when the room is dark. The guest/user has 3 options to utilize the room. They can open the "moon" lamp,
the wall contours, the "stars" ceiling in separate. Galaxy Room 309 evolved in large from a study of the room's nuances,
especially the light streaks that shone through the venetian blinds and painted laser like lines in the room.
I wanted to apply this phenomenon to the rest of the room, to widen the room beyond its given dimensions with the use of light,
to turn it into a portal.

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