Sequences Identities at ArtPlus Hotel's gym, Tel Aviv

Video HD, 13:42 min, PAL, 16:9, color, sound, 2010
Projection or monitors
A commissioned work from the Israeli Jewelry Biennial. A film about diverse identities and their representation with jewelry.
I filmed the jewelry works of the participants on strangers in a gym and it was shown at The Jewelry Biennale at the Eretz-Israel Museum in Tel Aviv.
4 years I also had a chance to exhibit it back in a gym.
Concept: Ran Slavin and Sigal Barkai
Directed by Ran Slavin
Camera & edit; Ran Slavin
Lighting and camera assistant: Yakir Benbanista
Makeup: Tuma Galon
Costume and dressing: Shlomit Slavin, Ron Ben Noon, Irit Back
Curated by Sigal Barkai
Music: Rir, Off the Sky, Yewbic, Thanvannispen, Max, Wiley,Oyenstikker, Nic Stage, Jovice, Poised To Glitch, Suonho, Klangfabrik,
Plagasul, Matt Namer, Herbert Boland, Grey Seraphim, Zimm, Aarondbaron, Ran Slavin
Commissioned video for the Jewelry Biennale in Tel Aviv.

Sequences Identities from Nocturnal Rainbow Films on Vimeo.

Photo by Yaara Oren