Live video-sound "Shredder"at raw_beats, 29/11/2013-30/11/2013 Tel Aviv

short segments documentation from a site specific live video and sound installation.
3 video projectors projecting on 20 transparent screens.
space dimensions: 10x10 meter width and 5 meter high.
"Shredder" is a live set but it transverses the traditional performer-audience settings. The audience are encouraged to walk and
wander through the live changing digital scape while it is taking place in real time.
The title "Shredder" refers to the live installment as a continuous shredding of information, visual, text, sound data and screen form.
Screening on these transparent screens creates an echo in the images and also widens the screen into a sculptural form in the location.
ran slavin, december 2013

Ran_Slavin_Shredder_Live-0000 Ran_Slavin_Shredder_Live-0001 Ran_Slavin_Shredder_Live-0002 Ran_Slavin_Shredder_Live-0003 Ran_Slavin_Shredder_Live-0004 Ran_Slavin_Shredder_Live-0005 Ran_Slavin_Shredder_Live-0006 Ran_Slavin_Shredder_Live-0007 Ran_Slavin_Shredder_Live-0008 Ran_Slavin_Shredder_Live-0009 Ran_Slavin_Shredder_Live-0010 Ran_Slavin_Shredder_Live-0011 Ran_Slavin_Shredder_Live-0012 Ran_Slavin_Shredder_Live-0013 Ran_Slavin_Shredder_Live-0014 Ran_Slavin_Shredder_Live-0015 Ran_Slavin_Shredder_Live-0016 Ran_Slavin_Shredder_Live-0017 Ran_Slavin_Shredder_Live-0018 Ran_Slavin_Shredder_Live-0019